Variety asset pack

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Variety asset pack

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The Variety asset pack is an expansive product with unobtrusive and easy to use artwork.

It will contain everything you could need to get started with setting up your in engine interface. 

• Over 19000+ files in total

• 20 colours to choose from

• Base PSD files included

Every object has been adjusted for maximum visibility for each colour. But if you do wish to make whatever changes you desire, I've left the crop guide included in the photoshop files so you can easily export.

The colours included are

• Black

• Alpha

• Bright blue

• Bright green

• Bright red

• Brown

• Dark blue

• Dark green

• Dark red

• Dark yellow

• Grey

• Medium blue

• Medium green

• Orange

• Pink

• Purple

• Turquoise

• Violet

• White

• Yellow

Many of the objects are modular and will seamlessly tile up, so you can create larger graphics to your hearts content.

There are 10-frame animations for six different styles of buttons. (Please refer to the included documentation)

I've included graphics of 88 keyboard characters in two styles. (for each colour)

The generic user interface assets come in a variety of resolutions. There's no texture to speak of, and because of the clean style of the artwork, it will scale well at any size.

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Over 19000 PNG files. 20 base PSD files and documentation

1.44 GB
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